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This database is a complete reference for Indian Medicines. Contact us to get the sample of Indian Medicine Database with complete information.

Indian Medicine Database

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Indian Medicine Database

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India’s Complete Medicine Database – Indian Medicine Database is an essential reference for Indian Medicines. It gives complete information about medicines from manufacturers and brands down to details about ingredients and components. Our drug database covers a comprehensive list of Indian Medicines used in traditional Indian Pharmacy stores.

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Total Reference

This database is a complete reference for Indian Medicines, which has all its related information including ingredients and usage details


You will find this database updated in July 2022 with prices; thus no need to worry about any old information


We provide the list of all medicines in a downloadable excel file which allows users complete freedom of updating or modifying according to their needs without any constraints

Reliable Information Sources

We collect detailed information from reliable sources including brands and manufacturers, distributors, pharmacists and other medical practitioners

Save Time

Get access to information on Indian medicines, updates on an Indian Medicines Database, and other details all in one place

Save Money

Enjoy a world-class service at a budget-friendly price

Get Ahead

Boost your digital presence and establish an unbeatable edge over your competitors with our uniformly maintained dataset to suit your unique needs

Complete Information

This Indian Medicine Database is a perfect solution for both beginners and professionals as it gives them complete information about these medications on a single sheet with pictures of products if needed

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We answer inquiries and address requests within 24 hours or less on a consistent basis

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