List Of Medicines In India

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All of this leads us to our final point—call it the thread that connects our experience from its humble beginnings more than decades ago to our bright future together. We will gladly provide the essential information that supports healthcare IT systems and the decision-makers who utilise them, no matter that you are or your goal. We have a purpose and a vision for a better world founded on a single conviction

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Our DataBase List


1.         Product ID

2.         Product Name

3.         MRP

4.         Name of Manufacturer

5.         Compositions

6.         Packing Type

7.         Packaging

8.         Drug Schedule

9.         Usage

10.       About Salt

11.       Mechanism of Action

12.       Pharmacokinetics

13.       Onset of Action

14.       Duration of Action

15.       Half Life

16.       Side Effects

17.       Contra-indications

18.       Special Precautions while taking

19.       Pregnancy Related Information

20.       Product and Alcohol Interaction

21.       Old Age-Related Information

22.       Breastfeeding Related Information

23.       Children Related Information

24.       Indications

25.       Interactions

26.       Typical Dosage

27.       Storage Requirements

28.       Effects of Missed Dosage

29.       Effects of Overdose

30.       Expert Advice

31.       How to Use

32.       FAQs

33.       HSN Code

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